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BULGARIKA Association was founded as a non-profit association.

The aim of the Association is to contribute to the preservation, development, presentation and promotion of Bulgarian art. Bulgarika Association creates,

Projects of Bulgarika association: Projects of Bulgarika association:

Bulgarika International Crafts and Arts Fair

The largest art exhibition in Bulgaria. It is held every year in August in Varna. In 2019, the Fair will be held for the 23rd time.

Combining traditions and modernity in art, the Fair of Crafts and Arts is a place for expression of some of the best authors in the field of fine and applied arts, arts and crafts, music. Demonstrations of authorial skills allow visitors to watch live the creation of unique works.


– Over 160 participants

– from 10 states

– from 3 continents

– Over 400,000 visitors

Bulgarika International Fine Arts Open Air

Every 5 years it brings together authors from all over the world with outstanding contributions in the field of fine arts. Participants in the open air were authors such as: Prof. Vyacheslav Babiyak – Russia, Sergei Bender – Great Britain, Ekaterina Evdokimova – Great Britain, Prof. Douglas Stuber – USA, Quang Souk Park – Korea, Gheorghe Andrescu – Romania, Jana Andrescu – Romania, Vesela Posner – Germany, Friedrich Zuter- Germany, Barbara Zuter- Germany, Marianne Gehlen- Germany, Sonia Ruskoff- Germany, Louisa Cala- Romania, Nikolai Rusev- Bulgaria, Ventsislav Markov- Bulgaria, Marina Varentsova- Bulgaria and many other authors with worldwide achievements.

Round tables „Ecclesiastic Arts – Preservation and Development“

Bulgarika Association, in support of the preservation and development of ecclesiastic arts in Bulgaria, organizes round tables on various topics, such as: „Theological and iconographic dialogue for the preservation and development of ecclesiastic arts“, „Ecclesiastic arts – preservation and development“ and others. Participants in the round tables are proven personalities – theologians, priests, restorers, specialists in the preservation of cultural monuments, icon painters, woodcarvers, iconographers, stonemasons, historians, directors of museums, archeological and cultural sites, etc.

Souvenirs Competition

The annual Souvenirs Competition, which has been held for 24 years, is an exceptional opportunity for all people who create with desire and aesthetics to show their works to the general public. Many talented authors have started their careers thanks to their participation in this competition.

Competition for young authors

The competition for young authors is entirely aimed at young talents in the field of painting and sculpture. One of the main strategic goals in the activities of Bulgarica Association is the support of young people. The traditional competition for young authors proved its outstanding contribution to young artists in their presentation to the general public. The competition enjoys the support of all media partners of the Association – during the period dozens of materials are published for participants, nominated and awarded young authors. The competition also provides a significant prize fund, and the participation of young authors in a collective  exhibition gives them the opportunity to acquaint the general public with their work.

Competition for artworks

The competition for works of art presents the works of the best authors in the field of metal plastics, wood plastics, works of artistically processed leather and glass, fine ceramics and sculpture. The authors prepare special works for the competition. The jury is international. The winners of this competition were artists who also received international recognition.

Bulgarika International Art Academy

Bulgarika Association organizes Bulgarika International Art Academy. The participants in the art academy come from different countries – architects, teachers, engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc., who want to upgrade their creative skills by learning to paint. Lecturers at the academy are established authorities in the field of fine arts. The first edition of the Art Academy was organized jointly with Assoc. Prof. Vessela Posner, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The Art Academy is held in the resorts near the city of Varna

House of Masters Gallery

Bulgarika Association organizes traditional international exhibitions of works of art by world-famous artists. The works that are presented are in the field of painting, graphics, metal plastics, woodcarving, ceramics, artistic textiles, glass painting, leather plastics and others. The collective exhibitions were presented by authors from Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Korea, France, Great Britain, Romania, Ukraine, etc.

Suns Paint Suns Project

Children’s drawing as a way of integration – this is the idea of the „Suns paint suns“ project, organized by Bulgarika Association.

The main goal of the project is to bring together in one place and to include through the children’s drawing children from Varna kindergartens, children with disabilities and children deprived of parental care. The program of the event includes many games, songs and surprises.

Opera of the Motion Spectacle

For the first time in Bulgaria, Bulgarica Association presented a large-scale music project – Opera of the Motion. The project includes more than 20 performers in various musical styles, a philharmonic orchestra and an instrumental pop-rock formation. The idea of the organizers is to present the impact of opera and pop sound in combination, in a new, different and influential way, presenting the strengths of each of the styles – the beauty of opera singing, combined with the rhythm of rock, the opaque taste of pop and jazz singing.

Music in Colors Spectacle

On the background of the music of the String Quartet at the Opera Philharmonic Society – Varna, the masters of painted silk Boryana Mocheva and Katya Tenekedzhieva painted their works. The whole process of creating the author’s works was broadcast on video walls in real time.

Review-performances of prominent designers and jewelers:

– Review-performance „Bulgaria-Millennium Beauty“ of designer Tseno Vutov-Felix, with the special participation of Desi Dobreva and Eva Quartet;

– Review-performance „Blessed and Holy“ of designer Tseno Vutov-Felix, starring Ivelina Balcheva;

– Review-performance of Borislav Korudzhikov – „Crystal Euphoria“ – in an attractive and innovative way are shown exquisite unique jewelry made of glass in combination with various precious metals.

– Performance „Kubachi“ – a review-performance of Valentin Kolev, in which the master of armor and metal ornaments presented to the Varna audience his unique works.


Concert of Lili Ivanova

Concert of Yordanka Hristova

Concert of Toni Dimitrova

Concert of Nikolina Chakardakova

Concert of Tonika Family

and dozens of others, including concerts of young performers, winners of national and international awards.

Bulgarika Association is a registered cultural organization in the register of the Ministry of Culture under Art. 14, para. 4 of the Law for protection and development of culture.

Over the years, Bulgarika Association has partnered with many organizations, institutions and the media to implement its projects and promote them. Some of them are: Municipality of Varna, Bulgarian National Television, Bulsatcom, National Geographic BG, Livea Media Group, Vlastta.com, Zona-news.com, Sun Media, Zona-zdrave.com, Travel TV, Community TV, Destination.BG , Actualno.com, Sunrise Music, Globus Media Group, TopPrint, Cherno More TV, Cherno More Newspaper, Bulgariautre.bg, Lov TV, Hobby TV, IWoman, Darik, Novavarna.net, Itera Mediation and Training Center for mediators, Cargo Construction company, Public transport – Varna, Folk dance ensembles, Production and music houses and many others.

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